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Jul. 6th, 2008

Yoochun + Susu = love

(no subject)


Jun. 20th, 2008

Kangin! - By legendarygeisha

Such a nice day outside!

I have just became a total regular at Espresso Royale, and I think the wireless internet and their awesome coffee definitely has something to do with it. :D I find it funny that when I was in line for my daily vanilla latte, a guy came up to me, patted me on the back and told the cashier don't serve coffee to this girl since she is wearing a IOWA Tee (IT'S A REALLY COMFY SHIRT DAMMIT! :D), and the cashier actually 'defended' me for saying I always come and get coffee so she has to be nice to me! A great way to start a convo! (with a IOWA shirt...)

Can't believe it's Friday already! And it's so nice under the shades with my yummy Italian soda. Me = happi!

Jun. 19th, 2008

Shia labeouf - A COW!?!?

(no subject)


I still hurt!!!!

But a good kinda hurt...


Jun. 18th, 2008

Suju boys - Won/Kang/Han

Back in CU

So I wasn't really keeping up with LJ. Again. It is easier to just checking the F-list and keeping up with the surroundings than to really list out what's been going on. Sigh, I am really a procrastinator at heart. Done and done. :)

I am finally back in CU for the summer. Granted school was over about a month ago. With the IPE II rotation, working some odd hours at CVS, and slowly packing up on endless amount of junk, it seriously took a good while to get everything done. When I was just about ready to leave CR, my car, OF COURSE it HAD to broke down, because meh-things always comes in bundles and always during times when you DON'T want shit to happen. At first, I thought it was a major radiator-died-everything-is-leaking-I-am-totally-burning-anti-freeze-shit-my-engine-is-about-to-blow-up-and-it-will-cost me-a-bucket-load-money deal, and in the end (at least so far), it just seems that my radiator is just serious low on coolant and a radiator flush because of the nasty gunk building up for the last 13 years. Sigh. Another about-to-happen disaster avoided. For now. Now I am back home, the folks strongly believe that I should garage the Jeep for now and drive around the Camry (until I have to go back to IA in a month or so...). And of course, mommy always forgets to leave me the keys so I am still stuck with the metapausing Jeep for now deal. At least the weather is nice and breezy and in the 70s. Thank god.

Went to Chicago for a week before coming home. An emotional experience. I think I might have to spend some time have a nice heart-to-heart chat with myself. Yes, that seems like a good idea. Maybe I have find some clues, at least some closure with my inner-self. And I have always thought that I should be the one who knows the most about myself, but in the recent events that has happened, I have realized that I am so out of tune with myself and with the people that I really care about, I will need some time to sort out the jumble of mess that's constantly haunting me where ever I go.

Now I am back at CU (yay! No school for a while!), I am definitely getting onto a better lifestyle than what I have lead in the last couple of years. Just joined a gym close to home yesterday, and the first thing that I found out is, HOLY SHIT I AM SO FUCKING OUT OF SHAPE! After about a hour and half of cardio and light weights, I am in so much pain this morning, it seriously hurt like a bitch to even crawl out of bed! On the subject of the bed, I seriously chosen a hard-ass bed. Bad Bad Bad. But good good for my posture. At least the bed-post looks good...really pretty....Back to working out, my goal to have at least 1 hour of cardio daily, and another 40 minutes of weight every other day. My goal is to fit into this pretty Calvin Klein dress mommy bought for me at Nordstrom by the end of July. Not am ambitious goal at all. really! And with gardening daily with the family as well as cleaning up the house, that goal is definitely achievable! Aja Aja!!

Hmmm...such a nice day outside! Great for sitting outside of a cafe with a nice ice cold latte! :) It would have been better if my arms aren't sore as hell. The summer is looking good..

May. 20th, 2008

Gibbs n guns




Apr. 27th, 2008

Yoochun + Susu = love

Mimi's new bling!

Mimi's new bling!, originally uploaded by stardustalchemist.

Got Mimi the rockstar collar a week ago. She is totally use to it! (which is a huge surprise, since she never wore one before..)


Apr. 10th, 2008

Gibbs n guns

Cough. Cough.

I didn't realize that I was on a LJ hiatus for 10 days! Sorry LJ! -pet pet-

Just been so busy! Pharm school has definitely picked up its pace! At first, I was just trotting my little heart out last semester, now I seriously have to put some serious sprinting muscle to put with the program. And getting sick (AGAIN) does NOT help at all. Went to class today with one kleenex, ONE! BAD idea (blowing my tender nose into coarse toilet paper was not my idea of fun, maybe that's too much information....). The funny thing was Liz asked me to go to her place to fix a little computer problem, so I learned from my earlier mistake and brought the entire fucking box of tissues strapped to my messenger bag. Smart eh?

Skipped Law class today (the dude was probably ranting about some useless shit, and after confirming with Roomie #2..I was right) because my stomach was clenching too much (maybe because I was COUGHING MY LUNGS OUT!!!) and my brain was totally deprived of oxygen since my nose was completely congested and I couldn't really breath through my mouth (not if I want to puke up my lungs..) So in another word. Me = slowly suffocating self to death due to a cold. So I made the smart choice to go to the legal drug dealer (Walgreens, SORRY CVS!) and got some Sudafed 24 hr. Thank god for pseudoephedrine! All I need to do is stop my goblet cells in my nose from working overtime. Meh.

One good news! Me and roomie #2 (soon to be my only roomie) just got the apartment! We went apart. hunting. And we totally fell in like with the very first one we saw. It was big! Spacious! Lotsa windows! Quiet neighborhood! On the busline! Central air! Big closet! AND CHEAP!!!!!!!! Oh oh did I mention CHEAP!?!?! Lol. We filled out an application last week and crossed our finger hoping that we get the place, and the soon-to-be landlord totally called us back today! Signing the lease on Tuesday!! AWESOME! Now, no more doggie harrassing kitty, messy kitchen, messy living room, and a bigger bedroom! Woo HOO!

Now I am totally not looking forward to this weekend. Have to work on Friday night, Saturday the whole day, and Sunday the whole day.

Mar. 30th, 2008

Suju boys - Sad day!

Flat tire

MEh. Just got done changing out a flat tire on the Jeep. An very interesting experience if I do say so myself. Just glad that the tire didn't pop when I was driving on the highway last night. Thank god. Found out about it when I went to take out the trash this morning. Had some trouble with unscrewing the nuts (had to call Anna and borrow her bf, but before they even got here, I actually got them off untighten myself). So needlessly to say, it was a success! SO PROUD OF MYSELF! And the spare tire is full sized! And rimmed. (but had to fill it up since it was flat)

But now the sad things is...I have to buy a new tire. Make it a pair...

Mar. 29th, 2008

Gibbs n guns

Season 4 of NCIS

S4 of NCIS, originally uploaded by stardustalchemist.

After a long day of work, I came home to find this in my mailbox!


Mar. 25th, 2008



Since it's on JJ's photobucket and I seriously don't think I can just save the pics onto my computer. Here's the linkie to her Photobucket!


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