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Mar. 23rd, 2008

Gibbs n guns

Spring break CAN'T BE OVER!

Meh. I am back in IA. Can't believe this week went by so quickly! I haven't really truly enjoy the days off yet!! Sad.

I guess I can definitely say that I had an eventful week! JJ got me an AWESOME/KICKASS birthday present, I GOT TO PLAY AN AIRPLANE!!! Granted, there was a flying instructor in the cockpit, and it was a small 4 seat glider, and I only got to fly the bird for about 30 minutes..IT WAS REALLY FUCKING AWESOME!!! My goodness, I didn't get any motion sickness during liftoff!! -hops hops HOPS!- Now I seriously want to get a pilot license now! JJ got tons of piccies in the air, will post on Flickr once I get them off of her. :D

Now onto the rest of the week!

A little list on what I did..
- Ate way too much sushi!
- Bought 3 roundtrip tickets to China for May
- Talked with the real estate agent on the final detail of the closing of mom's house
- Actually saw the said house for the first time!
- Went to see 'Doomsday' with Mike..and liking the movie (GO TIAN!)
- Got homeowner's insurance for the new house
- Start to pack up the house with folks
- Bought 2500 dollars worth of furniture with mom...and that's just for one room! (5 more to go..man, moms gonna be broke after this)
- Got the PPL Math quiz done
- Finished the first season of NCIS (and about to finish the second season too!)
- Just bought the fourth season of NCIS off amazon!(with the help of a $25 gift certificate! SO IT WAS UBER CHEAP!)
- Slept for majority of the time! (average about 13 hours a day!)

Feeling quite accomplished! Lol, while many of my classmate are in FL or Cancun, I am quite content just to spend some relaxing time, doing not much of anything!

Meh, in less than 12 hours, schools gonna start ...again.. SAVE ME!

Mar. 19th, 2008


Spring break!

I will keep this short..since the scary old guy is glaring at me from the doorway of Bo Bo.

Spring break.
Lotsa sleep.
Already finished with 50% of the hw assigned.
Just finished the 1st season of NCIS.
On the 2nd season already.
About to book tickets.

Will give full update when I get back to IA.

Mar. 9th, 2008

Pullip Doll - Hello Kitty

Oh Mimi..

Trying to study all day for my Med chem exams. But Mimi decided she had enough of being ignored all day. So she did the best thing she could. She sat on my notebook. And glared. A lot.


Oh Mimi.., originally uploaded by stardustalchemist.

Mimi again!, originally uploaded by stardustalchemist.

Mimi distraction, originally uploaded by stardustalchemist.

Mar. 6th, 2008

Pullip Doll - Hello Kitty

Apple obsession continues...and continues..

Currently reading The Cult of Mac by Leander Kahney. OMG, so funny! Even if you are not an Apple fanatic, this book is still a must read for all Apple lovers and owners.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

Hey, I am a loyal Mac user, too

Why are Macintosh users so doggedly loyal to Apple? Ask the experts, and they'll say Mac users have a psychosexual bond with their machines, or that the community resembles a new-age religion. they may also suggest that users treat their macs more like babies or friends than like computers, and that the community itself and Apple's brand may be more important than the company's products. but like most other Mac users, I believe the Mac is the best computer out there. I do not think of myself as part of a cult, a quasi-religious community, or a weird techno-fetish ring.
-Pg. 7

Yoochun + Susu = love

Another piercing.

Another piercing., originally uploaded by stardustalchemist.

A little birthday present I got for myself I gues... -____-

Suju boys - Minnie!

Not feeling too different..

So yesterday was the big 24. It was memorable on some many different levels.

First I missed the bus to school (had to catch the other one 5 blocks away), but thank god I made it on time.

Then I was told by the pharmacy manager that I have to cut my spring break short since I have to work on both Saturday AND Sunday (which almost never happens since there is ALWAYS someone other than me working on Sundays).

AND then after when I got home.. I clogged up the toilet. Oh. My. God. And IT OVERFLOWED!! The OCDness in me was CRYING OUT for help. Had to call the landlord to get the number to call the plumbing service. The guy came and fixed the problem. But since he was wearing shoes (walking in the nasty water and all), he totally left nasty wet marks all over the carpet. OMG again, now the OCDness was basically in full out hysterical mode. So after the plumber left, I was on my hands and knees for 20 minutes, mopping up the mess, scrubbed it with water, then spray the floor and the toilet down with 409, AND rinsed with water again. Not to mention, I washed my hands with anti-bacterial soap AND dish soap after I was down. GROSS GROSS GROSS!


Then thank god something good had happened. Roomie #2 sent out an invitation for a couple of our friends to go and "celebrate" the bday at Texas Roadhouse. Yum Yum for some nice protein poisoning, and Yay Yay for some awesome friends! It was great, even with all the singing going on :D. After dinner, most of us piled ourselves to Colleen's house and watched the finale of Project Runway, Sad SAD day that Rami didn't win, I liked him!! But Christian won. I guess it's semi ok..But it was good company all around. -HEARTS MY FRIENDS!-

So another year older huh, I don't really feel the difference. Maybe not yet, heh, after 21 rolled around, it all should sort of feel the same now. We will just have to see. :)

Now I must tackle the tasks on hand, reports, homeworks, and exams...ONE WEEK TO SPRING BREAK!

Mar. 5th, 2008



Guess what?!

IT'S BIRTHDAY TIME!!!! Ha, it's the big 24! Second 12 year around! TOTALLY RAT YEAR FOR ME!!

OMG! I am totally getting old. lol. Next thing you know I will be 25..and that's the quarter of a century! Sccarry..

Went to work today, and the boss bought me a small cake, ahh it was yummy. It was very nice of them. Although, I still miss cakes from Sweet Indulgence... Oh I am such a whore for sweets!

Must sleep now. Will update later..

Feb. 29th, 2008

Jensen Ackles - just being hot..

Man...let this end now..

Just submitted my 5 learning issues online. And before that, I took that stupid pharmacology exam. Man, I am just so glad that this week is about to over soon, after my lab of course. And then the weekend rolls around, where I work, today and whole days on Saturday and Sunday. Fun fun. This week was very very exhausting.


Feb. 27th, 2008

WTF Hannie

Another Jang Ri In MV

Jang Ri In's MVs just came out featuring Hannie and Siwon.



My reaction:

WHY!?!?!?? WHY!?!?! HOW THE HELL DID HANGENG GET SHOT!??!!? AGAIN?!?!??!?!?!

But it's pretty though.
Suju boys - Minnie!

Apple goodies

Just got back home from my pharmaceutic exams, and my brain is total mush. So glad that's over! Almost went face first into the snow a couple of times. But guess what's waiting by my doorstep? MY AMAZON ORDER IS HERE!!! AHAHA!

Oh let's the Apple obsession begin!

Apple goodies, originally uploaded by stardustalchemist.

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