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Yoochun + Susu = love

July 2008

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Gibbs n guns

Cough. Cough.

I didn't realize that I was on a LJ hiatus for 10 days! Sorry LJ! -pet pet-

Just been so busy! Pharm school has definitely picked up its pace! At first, I was just trotting my little heart out last semester, now I seriously have to put some serious sprinting muscle to put with the program. And getting sick (AGAIN) does NOT help at all. Went to class today with one kleenex, ONE! BAD idea (blowing my tender nose into coarse toilet paper was not my idea of fun, maybe that's too much information....). The funny thing was Liz asked me to go to her place to fix a little computer problem, so I learned from my earlier mistake and brought the entire fucking box of tissues strapped to my messenger bag. Smart eh?

Skipped Law class today (the dude was probably ranting about some useless shit, and after confirming with Roomie #2..I was right) because my stomach was clenching too much (maybe because I was COUGHING MY LUNGS OUT!!!) and my brain was totally deprived of oxygen since my nose was completely congested and I couldn't really breath through my mouth (not if I want to puke up my lungs..) So in another word. Me = slowly suffocating self to death due to a cold. So I made the smart choice to go to the legal drug dealer (Walgreens, SORRY CVS!) and got some Sudafed 24 hr. Thank god for pseudoephedrine! All I need to do is stop my goblet cells in my nose from working overtime. Meh.

One good news! Me and roomie #2 (soon to be my only roomie) just got the apartment! We went apart. hunting. And we totally fell in like with the very first one we saw. It was big! Spacious! Lotsa windows! Quiet neighborhood! On the busline! Central air! Big closet! AND CHEAP!!!!!!!! Oh oh did I mention CHEAP!?!?! Lol. We filled out an application last week and crossed our finger hoping that we get the place, and the soon-to-be landlord totally called us back today! Signing the lease on Tuesday!! AWESOME! Now, no more doggie harrassing kitty, messy kitchen, messy living room, and a bigger bedroom! Woo HOO!

Now I am totally not looking forward to this weekend. Have to work on Friday night, Saturday the whole day, and Sunday the whole day.


Congrats on the apartment, get well soon, and I'm going to happily stare at your icon for a couple of minutes.
Lol Thankie.

I know..he is..irresistible.

When is school out for the summer for you? Although I imagine you're probably taking summer school you studious beastie. I'm coming home in a few weeks and was wondering if there's any chance at all you'll be there.